Elliot Ingber

Elliot Ingber was in the Mothers at the time of "Freak Out" (oddly
enough, in those days FZ did not consider himself good enough to be 
the lead guitarist in his own band!) but left shortly thereafter to 
form the Fraternity of Man with Richie Hayward and Martin Kibbee 
(who was the "Fred Martin" credited on some Little Feat songs).  
They did only one LP that I know of, which had the original version 
of "Don't Bogart That Joint" (which became world famous when "Easy 
Rider" came out), as well as a version of "Oh No" a few years before 
FZ would put it out himself on "Weasels Ripped My Flesh".

Eliot Ingber Was the lead guitarist of the short-lived but
notorious *Fraternity of Man* (of *Don't Bogart That Joint* fame)
c. 1968-69.

Of course, Hayward hooked with Lowell George and Roy Estrada 
Of course, Hayward hooked with Lowell George and Roy Estrada 
(when the Mothers disbanded in 69) to form Little Feat, which is 
where the Feat/Ingber connection comes in.

Elliot's tenure with Beefheart was brief; he joined right after 
"Lick My Decals Off" and played most of the tour in support of the 
record but quit midway due to (supposedly) a distaste for life on 
the road. He was christened Winged Eel Fingerling and did record 
the next CB album "The Spotlight Kid" but didn't tour with him any 
further. I heard a rumor he is now a mailman.

He was also involved with the Mallard project (2 albums) - 
which is the Magic band (sans captain) and with real (??) names - 
their eponymously titled first album (on virgin) is available 
and well recommended.

There's also some Ingber-material on "looking up grannies dress"
by the Grandmothers. That's right.  And on the first Grandmothers
album titled "The Grandmothers," (1980 Rhino Records) there are two
songs by Elliot Ingber:

"A Bit Blue"                  "We Don't Feed No Livestock Here"
Elliot Ingber - guitar        Elliot Ingber - lead guitar
Johnny Dyre - harp            Ira Ingber - washboard
Larry Taylor - guitar         "Lil' Johnny" - guitar & vocal
[recorded in the early '70s]  Richie Hayward - drums
[recorded in 1971]

The biography on the album cover says "Elliot Ingber lives in
Hollywood and keeps himself in shape by riding a 15-speed racer
and drinking lots of water. He's been writing his very different
blues and rock."  [note:  circa 1980]

The second Grandmothers album titled "Looking Up Granny's Dress"
(1982 Rhino Records) also has a song by Elliot Ingber on it

Elliot Ingber - lead guitar
Ira Ingber - guitar & bass
Don U. Matic - drums
[recorded in ????]

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