Dale Bozzio

Dale and Terry split up at the same time as Missing Persons,
which was in 1986, as did Terry and Dale's marriage. Terry is remarried.

Dale Bozzio--had a solo album under the name "Dale" called
"Riot in English" in 1988--sort of a Janet Jackson/Karyn White/
Robert Smith/Samantha Fox/Prince sounding thing.

She is remarried and has two kids. According to
her manager, she is still involved in the music business, although
I haven't heard anything about it specifically. In 1991 she toured
as "Missing Persons" and did Missing Persons songs with a hired band.

She appeared at Zappa's Universe which was for Frank's 50th
birthday--eleven months late--it was held in Nov. 1991.
She sang "Fembot in a Wet T-shirt" and did the Mary speech from
"Packard Goose,"modifying it slightly to say "Music...and Frank
Zappa...are the best."

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